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Waste not want not. Just eat your lumpy Porridge.

Oh, I just love this blog! His alliterative talents “practicing a pensive thought or two’, deep philosophical wonderings as to the discarding of meatlovers pizza, marriage tips and so much more..hope you enjoy also.

Oosterman Treats Blog

 Some time back Some time back

I was abused from an early age by having to eat lumpy porridge. It has left its mark and no psychologist or therapist has given me any insight into how this continues to shape me into the present dysfunctional personae, still grappling with life so fraught with fits of uncertainty as to its real meaning or purpose.(Phew)

The weeks just prior and after the end of WW 2, Holland was on its knees. Oats, Biscuits and Spam was fought over by people running towards the US, Canadian and English Lancaster bombers overhead, dropping food parcels. I remember my dad running on a field towards one and bringing home a huge metal box with rock hard but very nutritious English biscuits. The sky was dark with food being parachuted , raining down on Rotterdam. How glorious a liberation it was! Dancing in the streets.

untitled food at last

Despite the biscuits…

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One response to “Waste not want not. Just eat your lumpy Porridge.

  1. Sarah Potter Writes November 9, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    This is a very insightful post. I’ve gone over to his blog and commented.

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