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The garden you create or dream of creating is a mirror of yourself

Messages From your Heart on this Valentine’s Day

I think it’s no co-incidence that so many flowers and leaves are Heart-shaped.

Since Egyptian times, the heart has been considered the seat of the soul, that when the soul left the Heart, the body would die. ( ‘Talismans and Symbols’.)

Aristotle considered the heart to be the core of thought, reason, or emotion – more important than the brain.

An Egyptian belief that persists to this day is that on Judgment Day the heart would be weighed and balanced against the weight of the Feather of Ma’at, which symbolised Truth, that only people with perfect hearts will proceed into Paradise.

Mysteriously, it seems that there was nothing written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead revealing whether the heart should be lighter than The Feather of Truth, or heavier.

Perhaps just the same weight ? Hmm,  perhaps  every day we weigh our own hearts  and feel either wanting, or that perfect balance of Truth.

We feel light of heart. We feel heavy of heart. We harden our hearts. Our hearts soften.

No wonder we need to Garden – perhaps seeing and touching so many heart-shaped leaves and flowers restores us.

We are nearer to our hearts in the Garden. Nearer to our hearts desires, our heart’s truth, our hearts imaginings.

Nearer to lightness of heart, in our gardens.

And what of flowers that tell of our hearts desire and love?

Flowers have long had meanings associated with them.

I like Lotus – symbol of Mystery and Truth.

And there’s Iris – ‘Faith, wisdom. Your friendship means so much to me.’

Ivy – Friendship, Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection.

Calla Lily – majestic Beauty.

Red Rose  Love, Desire, Respect, Courage.

Pink Zinnia – Lasting Affection.

Red Camellia – You’re a flame in my Heart.

White Camellia – You’re Adorable.

Willow – Speaks to us of the female side of ourselves, whether we are male or female. Keeps us in touch with life’s rhythms, dreams, deep unconscious feelings and thoughts.

Fennel – Strength.

Marjoram – Comfort and Consolation.

And for my Daughter on Valentine’s Day……I give a bouquet of Stock (bonds of affection. You will always be beautiful to me), with pink Heather and Sweet Basil (both for Good Luck), Mistletoe (Affection and Love), White Heather (for protection), Phlox (for Sweet Dreams), Baby’s Breath (For Happiness), and Light Pink Rose (Admiration.)  From the Meanings of Flowers

What message will you give to your beloved  on this Valentine’s Day 2012?


2 responses to “Messages From your Heart on this Valentine’s Day

  1. Margi Macdonald February 14, 2012 at 8:18 am

    Reblogged this on some energy thing and commented:
    The Eloquent Garden takes us away from Valentine’s Day schmaltz and sentimentality and into nature, so rich with meaning and simple beauty.

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